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Training and Consulting


QBS offers customized training courses in ISO 9001, Continual Improvement, and general principles of quality management.


 Consulting services cover a range of activities: help with policy and procedure development, analysis of quality issues, or help in setting quality objectives. Some clients simply ask for a consultative visit every month or two, when they can field questions concerning their management system progress. Software and system engineering process modeling is a particular specialty of QBS.


QBS has also been actively involved in implementing management systems based on enhanced quality system requirements:  TL 9000 (for telecommunications sector), ISO 14001 for environmental management, and ISO 12207 for software engineering life cycle management.


QBS is flexible to your requirements. With a network of  local affiliates,  most work can be scheduled within a timeframe that suits your needs.


Our experience base includes very large corporations and government organizations, as well as small manufacturing outfits. 


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Consulting Services

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada




Customized quality management consulting since 1995